Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Not sure if Juxtapose is biting Giant Robot or The Comics Interpreter
but their last two issues have featured GR & TCI staples David Choe, James Jean (as interviewed by Choe), and Seanna Hong. At least the magazine that trumpets ugly art (founded by Robt. Williams, no less) has found it's way to some stuff that is both edgy yet still beautiful to look at. Good art need not always repulse you know. I haven't read Choe's sure-to-be-great interview with JJ yet, but the interview with Choe himself is terrific, as are the sumptuous pieces of art chosen to accompany the piece.
Anyway at this rate, look for future Juxtapose issues featuring Hans Rickheit, kozyndan, and Dash Shaw.

Has the ontological crisis of October 13 been resolved? If not, just remember: "There is no spoon"! Hope that was helpful.

Anyways, recently picked up a copy of Dork #11 (by evan dorkin - SLG). Pretty good shit.
"Has the ontological crisis of October 13 been resolved?"

No it hasn't...but I chose not to jump. Drop me an email and reveal yourself and explain the "spoon" concept, I'm a little too brain-damaged for riddles these days. Thanks for caring.
I chose not to jump too. The spoon thing was a pop culture reference, just a silly joke.

Here's what resonated with me: (a no-bullshit approach)


[Here's the tinyurl just in case that one gets cut when I post this:]


I'm not for/against their politics (if any) or affiliated with these people. Ignore the context if you don't like the context.

We're all in the same boat, so that's why I choose this venue/forum instead of a private one. It might one day be of use to someone.

Tried to write you a while back. Not sure ir your comicsmag email address is not working anymore. Hope to get word from you soon.

incredible use of visual on your blog...noticed your interest in Bowles, and was amazed at another interesting blog...
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