Sunday, September 17, 2006



This from Chris Staros of Top Shelf:

"Lost Girls hit stores on Wed Aug 31st, and the entire 10,000 copy 1st
printing sold out on that day. -- It even hit the "Top 20" on,
which has never happened to a Top Shelf title before. -- By that Friday,
the back orders in the Diamond system had already exceeded the 2nd printing
of 10,000, which is scheduled to hit stores in October. So, we went ahead
and ordered another 20,000 copies for the 3rd printing, to arrive in
December. If you see a copy, be sure to pick it up right away, as these new
printings are likely to sell out in short order as well."
-- $75.00 (US), ISBN 1-891830-74-0, FOR ADULTS ONLY

I will attempt to calculate exactly how much gold will enter Top Shelf's coffers as a result of this
on the next podcast. No really, I'm going to crunch numbers and everything. Like Jethro Bodine doin' his figurin'.

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