Friday, August 11, 2006


I just skimmed through the much-ballyhooed HALO graphic novel recently published as a hardcover by Microsoft's Bungie Studios in conjunction with Marvel Comics. My impressions: This looks like a particularly unappealing issue of Heavy Metal magazine from the 70’s. It comes complete with an exceptionally ugly Simon Bisley story; and a long-awaited piece by former Heavy Metal (Metal Hurlant) stalwart, Moebius, which should be a highlight in any such book. Unfortunately, the Moebius story, while still possessing glimmers of Jean Giraud’s tell-tale stylings, looks rushed and unspectacular; and the colors waver between somewhat intriguing and genuinely garish.

Of course this should have been expected, in that a comic (or film) based on a video game certainly doesn’t hold much promise for original or inspiring work. On the other hand, even the casual observer could have hoped that with the inclusion of the likes of Moebius and even Bisley, that this would be a more handsome compendium than the soulless do-it-for-the-money hackwork it appears to be.

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