Friday, August 18, 2006


I will definitely talk more about this later (but right now it's 7:52 am and I haven't een to sleep yet).

A lot of you probably just got David Choe's latest jampacked mass email, but for those who didn't here's a little taste. The great news is that Choe's going to draw a comics again (the bad news is it's about Wu Tang Clan, but Choe will probably make it work anyway). Read on...

" I'm returning to comics this year. I will be writing and painting the WU-TANG comic book. Look for it by the end of this year. It's gonna be better than the actual wu-tang clan.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT !!!! in LOS ANGELES lets fucking party
I'm driving down to l.a. to see my favorite artist's from Miami FRIENDS WITH YOU
> You know it's gonna be fucking awesome
> When: August 19th - September 1st, 2006
> Opening Reception - Saturday, August 19th (7-10 PM)
> Where: Scion Installation LA
> 8553 Washington Blvd
> Culver City, CA 90232
> if you live in l.a. and you dont go your a doofus dexter

Early the next morning I'll be leaving with my friend harry, on our for the vice/mtv network . "thumbs up" we hitch hike and hop freights across America, we're not allowed to pay for rides or shelter. It's gonna be fun. Look for that and our trip to Africa on mtv, or mtv2 , or spike tv or something else I don't have any details , all I know is we fucking rocked the congo."

Did he say who was publishing the comic?

I'm back from Syracuse. Just dropping a line. I missed that Choe e-mail somehow so thanks for posting it here.

Whenever I click on your podcasts I don't get anything, but I probably don't have the correct software.

- Dash
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