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Anno Domini Presents...COLLABRO
(sounds interesting for anyone living near San Jose, CA)

"A collection of rare collaborative art pieces created by 90 participating artists. The Collabro group show aims to define a moment of the urban art movement, a movement met with evolutionary strides in ideas, composition and esthetic. In this contemporary art progression, artists are encouraged to break hard-line, uncompromising work conventions and instead progress with each other, as evidenced in the cooperative elements of street murals. For Collabro the artists have joined their separate art forms on shared! canvas space, providing exceptional opportunities in what can be called an "ego share."

Anno Domini is proud to be the host of the Bay Area version of this exhibit and has curated an additional 20 A.D. affiliated artists to participate. It was shown in Los Angeles this past May and has plans to move onto other cities across the U.S. over the next year."

Exhibit on view through thru October 21, 2006
Gallery Hours: Tues thru Sat., Noon - 8pm

COLLABRO participating artists:

Joshua Petker, Alex Pardee, Robert Bowen, Lesley Reppeteaux, ! Poor Al, John Michael Gill, Sophia Pottish, Scott Saw, Peter Taylor, Axis, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Isaac Pierro, Jophen Stein, Tim McCormick, Sylvia Ji, Len Croskey, Michele Waterman, Daryll Peirce, Gustaf Rooth, The Mac, Siloette, Luiki, John Stuart Berger, Dave "Persue" Ross, Tina Anderson, Kim Scott, Downtimer, Casey O'Connell, Tristan Eaton, Neko, That Kid Peep, Mike Maxwell, C. Liu, Monica Hoover, Chandu Reading, Ewsoe, Andre Salcido, Mark Bode, Marco Zamora, David Russell Talbott, Kelly Hutchinson, Brandon Steen, Meex, Ricky Watts, Chris Jehly, Jeremy Szuder, Blinky, Marcos Lafarga, Thomas Han, Erik Alos, Ekundayo, Ben Horton, Skinner, Chris Granillo, Daniel Fleres, Gale Hart, Loren Purcell, Iceberg Slick, Caeser Garcia, Clown, Sez, Andrew Brandou, Matt Stallings, James Naccarato, Jeff Soto, Joe Ledbetter, Jeremy Fish, Jesse Hotchkiss, Joe Joe, Misha, Ezra Li Eismont, Charity Romero, Dan Lewis, Matt Pugh, Jason Arnold, Tim Leirman, Lucien Shapiro, Dave Corre! ia, Brad Isdrab, Jon Wayshak, Sam Rodriguez, Paul Alvarez (Zen), Alex Lukas, Ned Ven, Jesse Reno, Ashley Montague, Alfonso Kellenberger, Rebecca Cotton, nOah, Yoshi 47

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design
366 So. First Street map
San Jose, CA! 95113 408.271.5155


August 28th would have been Kirby's 89th birthday.

Here are a pair of typically jawdropping pages of Kirby's original art (from DC's New Gods, and the Marvel adaptation of Kubrick's 2001).

The man was an artistic titan.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Thursday, August 24, 2006


Pyrrhic Victories: TCI Podcast Episode 6


Featuring an interview with acclaimed cartoonist DASH SHAW (Goddesshead, The Mothers Mouth); David Choe news, a quote from Seth, Lost Girls, Jack Jackson, Lil Mao & Friends, and more.

Plus our most grating musical bumper ever. You'll know it when you hear it. Bleed ears, bleed!

Pyrrhic Victories: Brought to you by the Honorable Brotherhood of Millet. True Roman bread for true Romans.


...absolutely fantastic!

If the promise of copious amounts of blood and sex alone don't grab you, then just read on for the more subtle finery of the series.

I don't have HBO so I have only seen the first five episodes on the just-released DVD collection, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better television series ever (although at HeroesCon Warren Ellis sung the praises of another HBO series, Deadwood)). The sets and wardrobe in Rome are as sumptuous as a feature film, and quite frankly this series
obliterates the formulaic mediocrity that was Gladiator.

The acting from Caesar, to Atia, Brutus to Mark Antony, Pompey to young Octavian,
and certainly Pullo and Vorenus, is uniformly excellent. Never for a moment do you see the craft, you merely see Romans in all their glory, machinations, and brutality.

The interpersonal intrigue and social maneuvering is every bit as fascinating and involved as that in Valmont (or Dangerous Liasons if you prefer).

Scenes like when Titus Pullo explains to his friend Vorenus (a lifelong soldier not given to Pullo's womanizing ways) that if he can just find his wife's special "button" that she will open to him like a flower. But also nothing works so well as to present a woman with the "still warm heart of an enemy." That he says makes them as "wet as October."

Or when Pullo and Vorenus discuss the stars in the sky: Vorenus explains that the stars are holes in the celestial body, and that they are much larger than they appear--large enough for a man to crawl through--but they look small because they are in fact "hundreds of miles" above the earth. Pullo, in total seriousness, says that it may be possible to reach them...perhaps if one were to ride a large bird. It's a great exchange in that it demonstrates the limited science of the times and the even more limited understanding that soldiers, as opposed to scientists, would have of the universe.

And everyone is flawed, and no one clean in ROME: Passive slaves get whipped simply to exorcise their master's daily frustrations. Innocent people are crucified (even by loyal, dedicated, Verenus) as a means to glean information for Caesar. And animals are cruelly sacrificed to myriad gods for even the most capricious of reasons.

Simply put if you haven't already seen ROME, then by all means buy or rent the DVD's. It's too good to be missed.

Addendum: The second season is filming now but sadly it's scheduled to be the last (so we'll never get to Caligula!?) The first season reportedly cost around $100 million for the 12-episodes (and you can see it on the screen), and for some bizarre reason the show's ratings didn't approach those of The Sopranos or some of HBO's past hits. Perhaps because it wasn't given anything approaching the promotion or publicity, because this show is every ounce as good as The Sopranos. In fact, fuck The Sopranos! I'd rather see Caesar and the original Italian mafia than those fat, fucks from New Jersey.

Monday, August 21, 2006



British artist David Lloyd, best-known for his work with Alan Moore on the V For Vendetta GN, talks about the film version and his latest work, Kickback. The book was originally published in France, because according to Lloyd, the crime genre wasn't that big in the US; but now it's being released domestically by Dark Horse.


A nice two-page interview with one of the grand old men of Disney animation, conducted in 1979 by Jim Korkis is up on Animation World Magazine's website.

JK: Did you get to meet Walt?

FG: Walt himself looked over my samples and asked me what sort of work I was interested in doing and I told him I wanted to do comic strips. Well, at that time, Disney wasn’t doing any comic strips. Walt was quite a salesman. He told me I didn’t want to get involved in doing comic strips because it was a rat race. He said that the future would be animation and he was so convincing that I said, “Fine. Do you have any openings in animation?” And he said, “Sure, we’ll put you in as an in-betweener.”

JK: Did you start working at Disney immediately?

FG: I went to work the following day, Dec. 19, 1929. I was 24 years old and had been married for five years. I had been earning $65 a week as a projectionist and Walt was offering $18 a week but I took it because he had really convinced me that animation was the future.


Well Uncle Walt certainly knew what he was talking about when he said comics strips (and books) were the "rat race" and animation was the future (like cryogenics). Of course, animation (particularly in Japan) provides a crushing rat-like workload as well, but at least you get paid for your work (or so I've heard). Go over to AWM and read the rest.

While you're there you can check out the extensive report on all things animated from Comic-Con 2006.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I will definitely talk more about this later (but right now it's 7:52 am and I haven't een to sleep yet).

A lot of you probably just got David Choe's latest jampacked mass email, but for those who didn't here's a little taste. The great news is that Choe's going to draw a comics again (the bad news is it's about Wu Tang Clan, but Choe will probably make it work anyway). Read on...

" I'm returning to comics this year. I will be writing and painting the WU-TANG comic book. Look for it by the end of this year. It's gonna be better than the actual wu-tang clan.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT !!!! in LOS ANGELES lets fucking party
I'm driving down to l.a. to see my favorite artist's from Miami FRIENDS WITH YOU
> You know it's gonna be fucking awesome
> When: August 19th - September 1st, 2006
> Opening Reception - Saturday, August 19th (7-10 PM)
> Where: Scion Installation LA
> 8553 Washington Blvd
> Culver City, CA 90232
> if you live in l.a. and you dont go your a doofus dexter

Early the next morning I'll be leaving with my friend harry, on our t.v.show for the vice/mtv network . "thumbs up" we hitch hike and hop freights across America, we're not allowed to pay for rides or shelter. It's gonna be fun. Look for that and our trip to Africa on mtv, or mtv2 , or spike tv or something else I don't have any details , all I know is we fucking rocked the congo."

Sunday, August 13, 2006



This happened a month ago, but having just stumbled across it, it's still of interest.

"At LVHRD's next event, acclaimed artist Paul Pope will present his genre-breaking work to a small audience, followed by a music performance by musician Mark Denardo. Not only do both artists approach their work from a similar "analog" perspective (Mr. Pope still draws with pen and ink and Mr. DeNardo's compositions are arranged primarily on a Game Boy), but DeNardo also garners a lot of inspiration from Pope's storytelling and illustration. Pope just finished Batman Year 100, is directing the animation for an unnamed feature film, and was just commissioned to produce fashion works for Diesel."

Friday, August 11, 2006


I just skimmed through the much-ballyhooed HALO graphic novel recently published as a hardcover by Microsoft's Bungie Studios in conjunction with Marvel Comics. My impressions: This looks like a particularly unappealing issue of Heavy Metal magazine from the 70’s. It comes complete with an exceptionally ugly Simon Bisley story; and a long-awaited piece by former Heavy Metal (Metal Hurlant) stalwart, Moebius, which should be a highlight in any such book. Unfortunately, the Moebius story, while still possessing glimmers of Jean Giraud’s tell-tale stylings, looks rushed and unspectacular; and the colors waver between somewhat intriguing and genuinely garish.

Of course this should have been expected, in that a comic (or film) based on a video game certainly doesn’t hold much promise for original or inspiring work. On the other hand, even the casual observer could have hoped that with the inclusion of the likes of Moebius and even Bisley, that this would be a more handsome compendium than the soulless do-it-for-the-money hackwork it appears to be.


Meathaus 8: Headgames is finally seeing print. The book is currently re-offered in the August Previews catalog for October shipping.

The list of contributors (including longtime stalwarts Farel Dalrymple, Tomer Hanuka, James Jean) is impressive

Phonzie Davis
Nate Powell
Matthew Woodson
Becky Cloonan
Troy Nixey
Jim Campbell
Theo Edmands
Joseph Belden
Jennie Yim
Keith Graham
Celia Bullwinkel
Scott Morse
Jonique Williams
Stephen Gilpin
P. Williams
Matthew Manning
Robert Donnelly
Jay Sacher
Jasen Lex
Mickey Duzyj
Jim Mahfood
James Jean
Jim Rugg
Dash Shaw
Esao Andrews
Farel Dalrymple
Mu Dafaka
Vincent Stall
Chris McDonnell
Brandon Graham
Tomer Hanuka
Jeffro Kilpatrick
Tom Herpich
Tony Sandoval
Zachary Flagg
Kenichi Hoshine

Friday, August 04, 2006


I love the work of Anke Feuchtenberger. This from her short piece in Rosetta 2, edited by Suat Tong Ng.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Spider-Man 3 Exclusive Dailies

We know you just can't wait for Spider-Man 3 so we've dug up incredible footage from what promises to be one of the film's most exciting scenes. Be warned that this is raw footage prior to all the CGI effects to be added in post-production, and the audio is also a bit rough. But it's no less amazing, don't you think?

Director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire are both on board for the ride, and reports are that Topher Grace (That 70's Show) will play Spidey villain Venom in this latest installment.
SCENES: Tobey Maguire (and stunt doubles) doing amazing stuff as everyone's favorite wallcrawler.

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