Saturday, July 08, 2006


This mass email just went out from Harry Kim, Director of the soon-to-classic David Choe biopic DIRTY HANDS. You don't have to know anything about Choe's work to find him fascinating. I truly believe this will go down with Crumb and American Splendor as one of the best movies about an artist(cartoonist/tagger/redemptive punk) ever.

Let the jealous naysayers (some of whom I recently battled on a funnybook message board) go fuck themselves. Anyway here's Harry.

"To beloved friends, family, and everyone in between,


It's been years of work on this film, Dirty Hands, which started with Johnny Granado's enthusiasm about David Choe's art, and ended up being a movie about Dave's goth conflicted trip. Good times. So now with a crew assembled, a website up, and a finished cut projected by this winter, we're ready to let people know that this film is getting out there.

After discussing with my girlfriend about selling blood for the film, I told her I would give my left kidney to get this done. Keep me out of the clinics by spreading the word. I broke my ass already, I've paid enough dues. We've got the trailer up on the website for you to check out.

So pass this on and let anyone and everyone you know about this film. Urge those people to pass it on and if they have any thoughts, to post up in the forum. We'll also have a myspace up soon."

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