Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yeah I've got World Cup Fever! Today I enjoyed the great finish to the Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia match which finished 2-2 thanks to each country scoring a goal in the final minutes. Also Germany's gripping 1-0 result over a tough, but overmatched Polish team that played the fateful final 15 minutes down a man.

Now I anxiously (but nervously) await the US vs. Italy on Saturday. The Americans who only looked comfortable passing the ball backwards against the Czech Republic (which routed the US 3-0), is going to have to play with controlled fury and abandon if they're going to save face (and this World Cup appearance) against Italy. Bring on Eddie Johnson who I thought looked unstoppable in several "friendly's leading up to the Cup. And for godsakes serve some balls to Donovan and McBride in the box. C'mon yanks!

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