Sunday, May 28, 2006

Alex Toth, 1928-2006

Rest in Peace. His son wrote that Toth died at his drawing board which not only seems fitting but also somehow less sad than in some cold hospital.

Toth was an incredibly influential artist well-known among fellow creators, but he never seemed to get his due among the wider readership. Perhaps it's because unlike Kirby or Ditko he wasn't immediately connected with the creation of iconic characters for the big two publishers. Unlike Wood or Kurtzman he wasn't readily associated with a trailblazing publisher like EC, or a similarly trailblazing magazine like Mad. And unlike Eisner or even the great Hugo Pratt (who shares much with Toth in terms of style) he had no single great character to call his own like The Spirit or Corto Maltese, respectively. Toth's biggest audiences came through the viewership of popular cartoons like Superfriends, Space Ghost, anf Jonny Quest. But probably most were unaware of Toth's role as character designer, in which he parted ways with his reknown black shadows for beautifully simple outline drawings reminiscent of C.C. Beck.

Toth's passing will no doubt bring a renewed focus on his life and his work, bringing new fans into the know and influencing budding artists captivated by his brutishly sexy approach to comics art.

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