Thursday, February 02, 2006


I was genuinely shocked to come across a 6-page(!) feature on Paul Pope in WIRED, of all places. The tenuous connection between Pope's comics work and Wired's focus on all-things-technology comes as a result of Pope's forthcoming Batman: Year 100 set in the year 2039. Pope lends this interesting take on his future Dark Knight: "He's someone with the body of David Beckham, the brain of Nikola Tesla, and the wealth of Howard Hughes, who is pretending to be Nosferatu."

It's mentioned that Hollywood has been sniffing around Pope for years and is all the more intrigued in the wake of Frank Miller's success with Sin City. But Pope says he's "more likely to go into fashion design" than dip his toes in Hollywood's fickle waters. Although he admits he'll take their money. Also DC editor Bob Shreck(formerly of Dark Horse and Oni) calls Pope a "far-reaching visionary."

Unfortunately the piece (as is typical of big mags) is a little short on text and insight, but who can complain when Pope's sumptuous art is given over to several pages?

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