Monday, January 23, 2006


Friday, January 20, 2006


Having seen the IFilm "Whales & Orgies" and now the five-minute trailer to "Dirty Hands"(the new title), I think Harry Kim's documentary on David Choe promises to be every bit as fascinating as Terry Zwigoff's "Crumb", albeit with hipper music and a lot more visceral action.

[quote]He's like some classic hero going though a series of life passages. He got to one where he had to leave behind some older traits.--Barron Storey[/quote]

Dunno when it will surface but look for Choe to be the one licking Elvira's left tit on the red carpet at Cannes sometime in the next few years.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Brand new review of Taschen's lushly illustrated MANGA DESIGN just online. And for those who don't like to read much more than a fast food menu, there are some pretty pics to look at too.

Oh, and click an ad! You don't have to buy shit, but by clicking you send about .3 cents of appreciation my way.

Somehow refreshing to hear an Adam Ant song ("Goody Two Shoes") on a new Diet Coke commercial.
I also was excited, and in no way pissed off to hear M.I.A.'s "Galang" used in a Honda commercial. It's a fun song but in no way so sacred that it's somehow damaged by a few seconds of it transposed over a cruising economy car. Also it gave Maya a little more exposure (as if she needed it) and by her own account she made a shitload of cay-ash.


Interesting story in the latest Rolling Stone (#992, Jan 26 '06) on the famously mysterious Wachowski brothers, creators of The Matrix films. I just got the issue today so I've barely had time to even skim it, but lets just say that there's a good reason why these guys like to stay out of the public eye.

Perhaps unsurprisingly all the elements of fetish that appear in the Matrix are near and dear to the heart of at least one of the brothers and apparently manifest themselves in his personal life. Of course all good filmmakers (and artists) put their obsessions into their work, and frankly the odder the better in most cases, as it leads to something more original than what some braindead hack like Michael Bay can contrive while thieving from every obvious source they can dredge.

Anyway, while I'm hardly the biggest Matrix fan, this is an interesting story so more on it once I've read the entire piece.

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